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Headed to Madera for Thanksgiving

My family members live far away from each other, which is why we don't often make the holiday celebrations. We just  can't handle Los Angeles and Orange County freeways anymore. 

My brother lives in Orange County. We live in North San Luis Obispo County. My nephew just moved to Madera, which is a little north of Fresno. We all decided he was the most centrally located this year, so we had Thanksgiving dinner at his house, a day early. He had to work on Thanksgiving Day. 

Heading east on Hwy 46 not far out of town. Notice the vineyard on the left. 

Light Traffic

Unlike the freeways in Southern California, the highways we take to Madera are relatively uncrowded. We take Highway 46 from Paso Robles to where it meets Highway 41 near the Shandon Rest Stop. 

Only 15 minutes out of town, almost to rest stop in Shandon

Finally, about 20 minutes out of town, we get to the rest area in Shandon. In these photos, notice that the normally brown hills have a hint of green after a recent rain. 

It is near here 46 intersects with 41 and we start through the hills. 

We  follow 41 through the hills until it gets into Fresno, where we catch the 99 Freeway. You can see how open the road is. It is almost 1 PM. 

As Hwy 41 starts through hills, it gets curvy as it climbs. 

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