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Lake Walk : Gathering Inspiration

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I gathered some images today, trying to catch the certain light through the grass, through the leaves, the mathematical radiation of the branches in the big oak trees.  I was trying to collect images to work off from for more paintings in my 'Art Perseverance' series.  I caught some ripples on the water, and towards the end, three of my dogs 'caught' me and led me back home again.

I love this place.  It's about a mile south on our property, facing a small man made lake.

The tall trees and water allow for wonderful studying of shadows, reflections and the sheer streaming of the sunlight through leaves up above.

If you get all the way down to the water's edge there is a thin strip of mud and sandstone rock that can be followed almost all the way around.  The water was down a bit more than usual today, but it had rained just a few days ago.

The grass shots made the trip.  The sun came through the fuzz and seeds like a shining wonderland.

This one reminded me of Starry Night, in grass... and it's not night, just the lake water in the background lending its luminescence.

This makes an attempt, some of it but not the scale or the repetition..  I'll have to keep trying to capture what I saw the other day when I didn't have a camera.  There was a mathematical sense to it.. some explanation of numbers in art as the branches went around the tree and got smaller and further away in such a regular pattern.  It was one town over - I might just have to go out there again and try to see if I can see it again in the same place.

The color was in this one... the light, but not the branch formation.

I had a few shots of the dogs, but this camera, 'Cupcake' didn't do too well with three bouncing slobbering faces... all I got was some blur and tails wandering through the grass.



My camera's name is 'Cupcake', my daughter named it, because it sounds like 'cupcake' when the shutter goes off in low light.  It is an Olympus e-500, and is our 'excursion' camera, small and light enough to take out and about anywhere we go.

I will continue to work on my Art Perseverance series for drawing and painting, and put some of my photography journeys up as well.


Marie Lamb is a graduate of the Visual Arts program at the North Dakota State University in Fargo. She focused on drawing and painting. She now lives in Tennessee with her family.

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