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I Am in Awe of You

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You are unique. You are one of a kind. You are valued. You are a gift to the world and I am in awe of that fact.

Have you considered that in the whole universe, in the whole of creation, there is no one exactly like you. You are precious in the eyes of your Creator who crafted every atom of your being, and that of every other animate and inanimate object in existence.

Maybe you know this to be true. I do too. In fact, I have said as much previously - click here to read more. But sometimes we need to be reminded of this absolute truth. Those of us who are Christian need reminding that God is evident in nature, maybe even more so than in the Bible. This morning I was reminded of this miracle when I read Father Richard Rohr's daily meditation. He tells us, "All you have to do today is walk outside and gaze at one leaf, long and lovingly, until you know, really know, that this leaf is a participation in the eternal being of God. It’s enough to create ecstasy."

You may read more here.

Peace be with you.

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