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My view on United States elections

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I really think the whole United States election system does not make any sense at all insofar as if the candidates are to be the utter representation of the entire country the one who obtains popular vote overall has to rule the nation. It is as simple as that. 

Furthermore, there are already politicians who represent states thereby not only US elections are a failure it ends up being the decision of five or six secondary states.

2016 results            


It does not matter if you vote in Texas or New York, two of the most important states, however candidate is chosen, however mistakes are being made, Texas is going to vote for a Republican candidate and New York is going to vote for a Democrat one. 

Since the complete number of votes does not matter you should move to Ohio or Florida to have a real impact in US elections. If they do not change this the result will always be overshadowed in my opinion. 

In fact, I do not believe there are many countries in the world that follow this United States pattern. Is a simple as to realize that if you are going to rule a country you must have the majority of votes of that country. 

If you win a state with 51% of the votes is the same as winning it with 95% of the votes. In my opinion, this cannot be maintained.

I do not believe they are going to change this because they love their traditions, it is like voting on Tuesday (there is a story of mine here on Niume explaining why United States vote in Tuesday) or the long and gruelling pathway a candidate must endure. This strange political system will continue. 

2012 results

                       DONALD TRUMP

I have been following Donald Trump since he presented his candidature. No matter people laughed at him. I really think he was going to be the Republican nominee. 

However, after seeing his performances at final debates against Hillary Clinton I thought nobody could vote for him. He seemed like a fish out of the water, anything but a politician. His answers and his behaviour were so weird he could not have been taken into account seriously.

Nevertheless, nearly 60 million people have voted for him, this means 60 million people deemed his debate performances fine. What is more, 60 million people believe his promises. 60 million people think he should be president of United States of America. 60 million people consider his behaviour, comments and political skills at least acceptable. (Final result; Donald Trump received 62, 206, 395 million votes).

                    HILLARY CLINTON 

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, she had more people voting for her than Donald Trump had for him. Yet, perhaps her political career may have ended once she lost against Barack Obama in 2008. (Final result 64, 223, 958 million votes)

2008 results

She could be more than happy having worked as secretary of state, a position she could still be having with perhaps a new Democrat US president. However, the title "First woman president" is so attractive she ran again.

What Democrats did was not only ugly was also their key failure. They were given double delegates to Hillary Clinton when debates had not been started yet while Bernie Sanders was winning states and rendering great debate performances.

What is more, Barack Obama stopped Joe Biden from presenting his candidature because it was the time of a woman as president and the proper time for Hillary Clinton. 

Someone thinks Donald Trump would have beaten Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders?. Enemies of Bill and Hillary Clinton had counted on different issues to attack her. Yet, Bernie Sanders has no scandals attached to his persona.

Given the experience of Donald Trump, all his scandals and the political acumen of Bernie Sanders, he would be now the United States president and perhaps Hillary Clinton could still be secretary of State.

Finally, what is to happen with Hillary Clinton´s political career? Watch this video. By the way, the other day Leonard Cohen passed away...

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