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A Morning at Lake Catherine: Awakening of the Senses

in Literature

The light was perfect and yet its warmth and character changed with every passing minute.

I didn't even have the time to pack or shower, my job was to find the beauty and the light before it disappeared. It would be a rush to get all the images before the sun found it's flat space in the sky.

Even the birds seemed excited as ghostly fog rolled off the surface of Lake Catherine. It looked like molten metal, expanding ripples in blues and rich silver. I noticed every cloud that passed as the light became rich and intense and than just as quickly subdued.

I could still smell the fire from last night only the distant voices that laughed and whispered were absent. Everyone was asleep, the earth was still. It's such a very different atmosphere, a calm presence. 

It was still quite cold as autumn whispered of its presence. The dock which was warm and glowing with lights the night before was now muted amidst grey ripples of morning fog. 

The orange and golds that last night were a little disappointing, now boldly showed off their rich autumn colors. It was the light that separated the leaves from the grey shadows of morning and I chased the light through the morning until it was gone.

At noon, the sky was pale and white. The clouds moved in and the light was flat on the landscape, I would have to work that much harder to find the beauty and depth beyond the electric hour, it was a long drive home. 

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