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REVIEW - Planet of the Sharks (2016)

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I've not sugar coated the fact on my social media accounts and other reviews that, Zoombies and Ghosthunters aside, this has been a VERY disappointing year for this B-Movie fan when it comes to Asylum movies (usually one of my favorite B-Movie production companies). Honestly, one of the worst years since I first started getting into Asylum movies way back in 2007. Even this year's highly-anticipated annual Sharknado entry was, IMO, the worst in that franchise.

So is Planet of the Sharks a good, well-made movie? God no. The acting is pretty dreadful across the board (made worse by some of the god awful fake accents), the CGI of the sharks are ok some of the time, but pretty bad most of the time (also seems like just reused CG models from the Sharknado movies), and the plot makes little to no sense, with a bunch of random unrealistic technobabble thrown in to try to have it make sense.

But good god it's FUN. It is fun as all hell, and THAT is what I want out of my Asylum/SyFy style B-Movies.

Honestly, when it comes to B-Movies I don't give a rat's ass about acting or quality of effects, I've long ago gotten used to the low level of those things and can easily look past them (within reason). The only thing that truly matters to me is the level of fun and this has that in spades. It's set in the future and is basically Waterworld but with an army of killer man-eating sharks stalking our main cast, and going from floating village to floating village and destroying them. As a fan of low budget cheesy B-Movies, how does that not sound awesome?

Could Planet of the Sharks have been better? Yeah, sure. But it's certainly enjoyable enough as-is as well, despite its previously-mentioned shortcomings.

In any other recent Asylum-filled year, this may have come across as just average, but in this rather lackluster Asylum year, Planet of the Sharks is one hell of a sight for sore eyes, and I hope the rest of their offerings this year is more in line with Zoombies, Ghosthunters, and this, than with bullshit like Dead 7 and Independents' Day.


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