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I have willing subjects for photography and it's worth all the preparing I do during the spring and summer months. This year I went to two plant sales, one at the Discovery Gardens in Fair Park, a sale that is getting larger and more diverse every year, and the other at the Heard Museum in Mckinney.

Every species of butterfly that passes through my garden has several nectar plants as well as host plants for their specific species. The whole cycle from egg, to caterpillar, chrysalis to full grown adult happen in the my garden through the spring and summer months.

I use plants that need little watering or care, native plants that will grow easily despite the Texas heat.  I use no pesticides or herbicides and the balance of nature keeps itself in check.

I do have a bit of a weed problem but many weeds feed wildlife and they are only weeds if that's the way you see them. A couple of places that I like for buying native plants are Rhodes in Garland, North Haven Gardens in Dallas. I will have a future post dedicated to North Haven Gardens as I willl be showing paintings there December 3rd.

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