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Mindfulness – The Three Minute Break In Your Day

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Right now I want to share with you something that I do on a regular basis throughout my day. If you are like me, or like I use to be, you never stop. From the minute you wake up, until the you finally get to lay down in bed and rest at the end of your day.

Throughout your day it is important to remember to become mindful by taking a short break just for yourself. During my day, I have a reminder go off to let me know when I should stop and take a breathe. I'd say it's approximately every 30 minutes.

My reminder is an app on my phone called Breathe. You can set it with a reminder that isn't as short, but I try to do it often, and I have it set to the max. You don't need to use a timer like I do, but its' a good idea find something that will be your own personal reminder to stop.

With my reminders every 30 minutes it triggers me to stop and remember to check in and see what is going on with me at that moment. Sometimes I just take a breathe, but other times I stop and do a quick 3 minute meditation. It really is a simple little tool to keep you calm throughout your day.

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Here is how it is done.

Step 1. Close your eyes – You don't need to do this, but it is helpful. You ask yourself a few simple questions. For example, how do I feel right now? Am I agitated? Angry? Stressed out? Scan your body to see what sensations you can find.

Whatever you find going on, don't try and change them, just notice them. You are not trying to fight them or change them.

Step 2. Take a Breathe – For about a minute draw your attention to your breathe. Follow it all the way in. In through your now, down your throat, into your lungs and belly, and then follow it all the way out. If you start to get monkey mind, just acknowledge what is going on in your mind and then gently bring your concentration back to your breathe.

Step 3. Expand Your Attention – When you are ready, about a minute later, move your attention outward to take in your sensations again. Ask yourself the same questions as you did in the first step. How do you feel now? What sensations do I feel? How am I doing? Move your breathe into these sensations to explore them closely to help you see and feel what you are feeling right now.

This mindfulness practice will help you ground yourself in the present moment and hopefully give you some calmness and relaxation in your busy day. It works for me and it will work for you!

Stay Mindful. 

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