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REVIEW - Most Likely To Die (2015)

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God, I miss the who dunnit teen slasher subgenre. Sure, the market was supersaturated with them back in the day after Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer made it big in the 90s, with some being way better than others, but those were the types of horror movies that initially got me into horror movies, and they've been largely absent these last 10-15 years. These days it's all ghosts, demons, and zombies. Masked killer teen slasher flicks are very few and far between.

The acting in Most Likely to Die is really, really, bad, there's no sugar coating that, and of course the plot unfolds like every other generic teen slasher with no deviation from the tried and true formula. But god, I've missed that tried and true formula and it was so nice to have a new 'switch your brain off and just have fun' masked killer teen slasher flick again.

Because the movie is only an hour and 20 minutes (less when you remove the end credits), what little plot there is moves along really quickly. In addition, while there was nothing all that scary or creepy in this movie, the killer's costume was unique and the kills were pretty bloody and fun.

Honestly, there is nothing new or inventive here at all, and for those who aren't fans of these types of horror movies, nothing in this will turn you around on that. But for those like me, that grew up watching 90s and early 2000s pop culture teen slasher flicks, and have felt that the horror market has been majorly lacking in those this last decade or so, this was a nice quick little mindless fun scratch for that itch.


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