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Going With The Flow?

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We don’t think much about momentum, but the whole universe depends on it. The earth constantly rotates on its axis; the planets revolve around the sun while they all rotate. Every star, all matter in all the galaxies is in constant motion.

So much for the big things endlessly moving. The tiniest unseen objects, the protons, electrons, bacteria and viruses are all also in constant motion.

Nothing sits still. Even ideas, politics, religion, spirituality are in constant flux.

Much has been said about the effect of momentum in sporting events. We’ve all seen it. When events swing in favour of an individual or a team, they appear unstoppable. Momentum is also evident in stock market swings which create exaggerated bulls and bears. Hence the stock market truism: The trend is your friend.

Not to be superstitious, but the same seems to happen in our daily lives. We all know certain people who have a string of unfortunate or unlucky events, and others, the lucky ones, win a variety of raffles, lotteries and games of fortune. That, my friends, is momentum. In our family, we always kidded my Dad because of his good luck in cribbage. We constantly reminded him that he had “a horseshoe up his ass”, particularly when it came to winning at card games.

As we age, the momentum theory becomes more evident to us personally. The metaphor of someone being “over the hill” comes closer to reality. Once we start going downhill the momentum picks up. The hours, the days and the years seem to gallop by. Life takes on a new urgency, particularly if we need to find a bathroom. The bladder has its own momentum, which Depends – pun intended - on ones’ age.

We can’t fight the trend. We need to go with the flow and manage the momentum to our advantage.

Gerald M. Sliva, Still Barking

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