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REVIEW - Blood Father (2016)

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Blood Father is a fine return to form for Mel Gibson, an actor that, personal issues aside, is one of my favorites. The plot is nothing all that new or revolutionary, though it still remains engaging all the way through, and it's certainly helped by the great performances by Mel Gibson and Erin Moriarty, and to a smaller degree William H. Macy. Gibson shines here brighter than in any other modern movie he's been in, showing a wide degree of emotions and personality types throughout the movie, and pulling each style off masterfully, even managing to throw in some well-timed, and what seemed like improvised, moments of comedy here and there.

The action may not have been quite as plentiful as I was expecting (I would say this is more of a thriller than an outright action movie), but the times that we do get it, it's nothing short of amazing - Well shot, engaging, and gritty as hell. Of course it was a major pleasure seeing Gibson return to his grizzled revenge-fueled action roots.

There were a couple scenes of twists, mostly toward the end, that I kind of wish the movie had taken a different route with, one in particular that kind of removed the realism factor this movie had going for it up to that point and went in a kind of comic book-y direction that in turn, gives the main female character a way-too-easy escape from her predicament plaguing her all movie.

That story issue aside though, Blood Father is a great, fun, gritty, thriller/action flick that fans of Mel Gibson will be sure to enjoy.


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