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Why You Should Experiment With Different Types Of Posts

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Here at Niume we get all types of writers, some more experienced than others, but overall everyone has their own great qualities and writing styles. Though this is the case, it’s always good to move out of your ‘comfort zone’ and try something new. The benefits of this are mainly to gather a broader reader base.

We believe there are four types of posts that work really well amongst Niume readers, and they fall under the following categories:

- Lists

- Visual

- Stories

- Features

We will go through all of these and explain the benefits and structures of each, to help you expand your writing further.

1. List Posts

The Legacy Project (c)

List posts are the types of posts you see on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media sites. They are probably the most ‘clickable’ of all posts, especially when shared on social networking sites – people love lists.

When creating list posts, it’s usually important to include facts the reader might not otherwise know about a certain area of interest. This can be about virtually anything you choose, as long as it is interesting.

You may have seen posts labeled “14 Best Beaches To Visit This Summer” or “11 Things You Didn’t Know About Nature” all over the internet.

Typically, every list post has different range of items to cover, although normally these go from 4 items upwards. For each of them, it’s useful to add a relevant image that illustrates that point; this will make the reader feel more involved.

A few tips:

• If your list is too long, most of your reader might not read it until the end.

Using odd numbers in your posts (13, 17, 26) are sometimes thought to encourage additions. A good trick is to suggest “9 tips for X” or “19 tips for X” and ask your readers to submit a tenth in the comments. They also stand out from your traditional round numbers (5, 10, 15)

• A very low number of points (3 or 4) might suggest to readers that you don’t have many ideas on the topic.

2. Visual Posts

Visual posts are usually suitable for showcasing works of art/photography. They usually contain 3 or more images in the main body of the post along with a brief description above.

The key to success with visual posts is great images above anything else; it’s why readers clicked on the piece. Unlike list posts, these images will not have a description below them, just a stream of images under one brief introduction.

Subjects on this type of post can be quite broad, but it’s always important to make the piece relevant to your readers in some way.

A few tips:

• Since images are easier to scroll through without having to read text, the more pictures you add, the better.

• It’s a good idea to include background information (about yourself and the subject matter) in your description at the top of your post; this will further engage the reader giving them some context.

Always select your very best photos. Try not to add similar-looking images to avoid the feeling of repetition.

3. Story Posts

Peter Fuda (c)

Story posts are probably the most common type of post on Niume. It revolves around a user talking about a certain experience they have recently had, whether it be negative or positive.

In these kinds of posts, the most important thing to keep in mind is your formatting. Since your story will consist mostly of text (if it doesn’t, then it’s probably not a story!) you will have to make it as clear as possible to your reader in order to keep them engaged.

This previous formatting article will pretty much cover all the details you need to write a successful story post.

A few tips:

Adding pictures in between paragraphs helps your reader paint a picture of the point you are trying to illustrate (plus it’s a nice buffer from the copious amounts of text)

There is no ONE particular type of story that works, they are all different and trigger different feelings among readers.

Stories are a great way to go viral, so try being descriptive and writing about things that also affect other people.

4. Feature Posts

Storify (c)

Feature posts are usually posts that deal with something outside of your own experiences. These include interesting finds, political issues, movie reviews, news articles, etc.

This type of post tends to be quite shareable by larger audiences, because they contain little or no bias by the author. It is simply shedding light on a particular issue/topic backed by some research from various sources.

The topics you pick should generate some form of interest in the reader, which is often times things that are rarely seen everyday. These include peculiar animals, abandoned places, rare occurrences, etc.

A few tips:

The layout for this type of post should resemble that of the story post, using images in between paragraphs to help back up your written information.

You should ALWAYS include the sources of information you used, as well as any images if they are not from the listed articles.

That's all for today folks! Keep checking this page daily for more blogging tips to further optimize your reads!


The Niume Team.

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