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Paradise Lost, John Milton, masterpiece in English

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John Milton 1608-1671

John Milton 1608-1671. The figure of John Milton was defined as "the greatest English revolutionary who is also a poet, the greatest English poet who is also a revolutionary". 

Paradise Lost

John Milton read classic authors such as Homer, Ovid, Spenser and also the Bible to get inspiration to create an English language masterpiece, Paradise Lost. 

There is no a single full stop until verse sixteen inside poem Paradise Lost. Language technique of John Milton is deemed as Grand Style

Paradise Lost is the story of humanity with mankind as main protagonist albeit there is also the subject of English revolution, the epitome of the hectic and convulsed with turmoil times John Milton lived.


John Milton was born in London on a very cultural environment, he inherited a musical taste and the love for poetry from his dad. 

John Milton studied in the School of the Cathedral of Saint Paul and in a private way with a tutor. Subsequently, The lady of Christ's (name given to him because of his fine looks) studied at Christ´s College, in the University of Cambridge. 

John Milton, The lady of Christ´s

Abide by his strong character he had to leave University for a brief period of time. John Milton went to Horton, a house in the countryside in order to read and keep studying so that develop other languages such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Italian and Spanish. John Milton was able to write in Latin or Italian and also in English with a peculiar Latinized style. 

English Civil War

After some years of English Republic, Monarchy was introduced again in the year 1660. Oliver Cromwell passed away, plays by John Milton were thrown to a bonfire. 

Equally, John Milton was detained but he subsequently found freedom thanks to a fine he paid. 

Failure in Life, Success after death

He had already lost some members of his family. John Milton married again, broke, vanquished, weak, sick... he started writing Paradise Lost even though he was almost blind

His farewell is one of the most notable pieces of writing in literature history.

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