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Bullfighting and activities regarding bulls have always been very popular in Spain, people used to love bullfighting, yet this is changing as there is more and more concern about the rights of animals. However, it is not as easy as at first it can appear.


I dislike bullfighting and I do not like to see animals suffering but there is something hidden that people tend to forget about bullfighting. 


Bulls live a long and a great life compared to other animals as they are fed and treated like kings inasmuch as they have a peaceful and relaxed life. 

They have a fatal half and hour where a man (who behaves like a hero) do painful things with a lot of help from others to kill the bull while many fans (usually drunk) scream. 

Other Animals

Notwithstanding these horrible moments, if we are to compare the lives of these bulls to other animals we will be amazed at the cruelty and awfulness of the lives of cows, pigs, chicken which we eat everyday with no regrets. 

They have an awful existence and they are being exploited and obliged to live an artificial life in order to give profits but as we only see the result (delicious food in our plates) we tend to forget this. I strongly respect people who hate bullfighting but I hope they do not eat pig or rabbit too often likewise.


The matter of the thing with bullfighting it is deeper than can seem at first sight. There are many who have prepared themselves really hard in order to become bullfighters and it is also a cultural event for a lot of people. 

What is more, it is way of living for others.


There was a strange happening in Catalonia a few years ago as a ban on bullfighting was declared but there was an official law to permit games related to bulls. 

There is clear evidence which shows that games related to bulls do not kill them but is more than true that they are overly harmed on the verge of suffering from death. While in some parts of Spain bullfighting is really important in other parts is mocked.

Toro de la Vega Tournament

To show these games are not an anecdote (in rural Spain there are plenty of activities with bulls involved) you have here one of its examples.

In a village called Tordesillas in the province of Valladolid, central Spain, there is something called Toro de la Vega tournament where people attack a bull in the countryside until it dies. 

Francisco Franco

It is so horrendous that is was banned this year for the first time in many years (even General Franco during his dictatorship declared it illegal because of its cruelty) but some have gone to the Supreme Court in Madrid to change it. 

As you may realise later on, this can be important (keep reading)

United States

In other countries such as United States of America, some Hispanic businessmen have launched bullfighting events. 

However, the law in that country do not allow the death of an animal, bullfighters put soft sticks in the body of the bull instead. 

Many people believe such event do not pay respect to the pure and real act of bullfighting but at least this not harm nor kill the animal.


One problem I see is that if this event is abolished forever plenty of foreigners may not know what to think of Spain as it has always been linked to this practice. 

Bullfighting; Profitable business? Beautiful art? Cultural tradition? Retrograde sport?

Spanish Rule

PS. As far as the Spanish law is concerned, the act of Bullfighting is of the utmost cultural relevance. Today, 20th of October, the Spanish rule has dictated that the law in Catalonia does not apply as the national prevails regarding cultural acts. 

As a result, nobody can declare bullfighting illegal in a part of Spain because is deemed as something with cultural values albeit it has been assured from Catalonia that not a single act of bullfighting will take place again in this Spanish region.

What will happen with the other example I have written about on this article? Will be Toro de la Vega tournament banned forever? What do you think?

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