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Savings and More Savings!

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Planing the day to get the most out of my time and gasoline, since the nearest town is 30 miles away. Dumping and buying.

Its Super Saturday again, that is what Dollar General calls the Saturday they give you $5.00 off your total of $25 or more, But Publix in Oxford, Alabama also takes these coupons as competitor coupons and we already know that buy one get one free sales beats Dollar General!

Place : Publix grocery store

My sister needed the buy one get one free cat litter and I needed dog food. Well things did not work out for me but I got my sisters cat litter.

This is what I got and saved over $30 :

2 - 20 Pound tidy cats litter $9.79 - on sale buy one get one free - Used $2.00 off one mft. coupon for each = $5.79 for two

1 - Ball canning jars - $9.89 Used $3.00 off one mft. coupon

6 - Delmonte diced tomatoes $1.53 - on sale buy one get one free - Used $1.00 on 3 store coupon = $2.59 for all 6

1 - Sunny Delight orange juice, one gallon $3.99 on sale buy one get one free - Used .50 off one mft. coupon that doubled to $1.00 = $1.00

Applied the $5.00 off your total of $25 or more competitor coupon

Total before coupons and sales = $44.68

I paid $13.35 including tax.

Now how will I split the savings with my sister? Since nearly half of her order made up the $25, I will allow her $2.00 of the five, since her total before coupons was almost $10. Now lets do that math = 9.79 tax would be $10.77- $4 in mft. coupons = $6.77- $2.00 competitor coupon, Meaning she will pay only $4.77 for 40 pounds of cat litter!

Now what did I pay for my stuff? Only $8.58!


By Andria Perry

Photos by Andria Perry

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