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Modern covers of classic songs of Bob Dylan

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Before telling of the modern covers of Bob Dylan´s songs I have selected and taking advantage of the popularity of this artist these days as he has just received the Nobel Prize for literature although he is a musician. 

You can read a small review I penned about a Bob Dylan concert I attended to no long ago. This concert took place in the Spanish city of Zaragoza last summer (July 2015) it was the first time I saw him live and perhaps the last time. 

The concert ticket is the image of this post something I keep because I have always been a big fan of his music although what Bob Dylan produces is known henceforth as music/literature!!

"It was unknown to me that Bob Dylan tends to play the same setlist every night. Worse still, Bob Dylan tends to omit his classic songs from it as a matter of fact. At 74, he is not in a good condition to play as he would be in the past. 

In the concert I saw of Bob Dylan in the city of Zaragoza he did not even say hello to his audience let alone said a farewell to his devotees to whom he was entertaining for 2 hours with a pause of 20 minutes. Long are the days when he played the guitar, now he hides himself behind the piano or sings yet so poor is his state that one who is not a big fan of Bob Dylan may be a little bit disappointed. 

However, it you have never seen a concert of Bob Dylan you should be happy (this is what happened to me) as you are seeing a musical legend, nonetheless, if someone has 20 classic songs that are amongst the best 200 best songs ever written and only one is sung, (Blowing in the wind, in a rare, bizarre and strange version) the joy cannot be fully attained, as a result, I am to include some versions of some of his classic songs in order to create an unforgettable post because after all, however his age however his physical state, the genius of Bob Dylan is still alive!!"

Bob Dylan plays somewhere in the region of One hundred concerts per year, he launched the Never ending tour and he may be round your corner ready to play another concert, yet only here will you find some modern covers of classic songs of Bob Dylan that are fabulous in the sense that musical skills of great bands are added to the unique lyrics of Bob Dylan, new Nobel laureate. 

These versions are very good and can be easily found.

The Rolling Stones-Like a Rolling Stone

U2-All along the watchtower

Guns and Roses-Knockin' on Heaven´s Door

My Chemical Romance-Desolation Row

The War on Drugs-Tangled up in blue

The Lumineers-Subterranean Homesick blues

Joan Baez-Forever Young

Blowing in the wind-Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood alongside Bob Dylan (Live Aid 1985) 

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