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Portrait Paintings That Make You Think Halloween!

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Do the girl's features seem porcelain and doll-like with frightening hollow eyes, lids closed, within the perception of the tradition of Halloween makeup and costumes in the painting above titled Made? Or does she simply seem sad or beautiful, closing her eyes with her face aglow in the sun's warmth, the light creating shadows on this canvas articulated by the artist's brush, awash in the many tones of her flesh, as paint runs, brushwork, texture and layering.

Does the face in the above painting titled Bystander only seem zombie-like because it's October and our thoughts are of another impending All Hallows' Eve? At any other time of year, would we simply see that this man's face is illuminated by his computer screen?

For Miami-based professional photographer and painter Kanu Ford's portrait series each canvas has a different feel -- many reflecting the subject's personality or the mood of the setting, such as the night-life party atmosphere of the painting titled Night Crawling (above).

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