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Crazy diet of Christian Bale

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Differing from the masterpiece of Martin Scorsese Raging Bull where Robert De Niro (one of the idols of Christian Bale) gained and lost a lot of weight to perform the role of legendary boxer Jack Lamotta or other stories based upon true stories (Matthew MacConaughey not long ago) I truly believe Christian Bale did not really need to lose so much weight to shoot The Machinist. 

Apples, coffee and canned tuna

The diet of Christian Bale consisted of apples, coffee and canned tuna, he only ate that as a diet for months losing therefore 28 kg somewhere in the region of 63 pounds, just the same amount of weight Robert De Niro gained to star Raging Bull but he obtained an Oscar.  Christian Bale renders an impressive performance

Christian Bale Character

Christian Bale must love movies a lot to make this kind of performance and adopt such a severe diet, the role of a crazy factory worker, a sick, zany and strange man that has problems to get asleep and loses so much weight that he becomes a bony body walking to the extreme of looking like a sick dead person hence the movie The Machinist is not entirely recommendable with some many cases of people with anorexia these days. 

Christian Bale. His experience

Regarding The Machinist and the experience, Christian Bale said he became obsessed with the idea of feel invincible, to look like a person who have not slept for a year, however, the director of The Machinist Brad Anderson said Christian Bale was not obliged to lose so much weight, it was more of an idea of Christian Bale but the director was not able to stop Christian Bale from losing so much nevertheless.

Christian Bale said he felt so severe and calm having so little weight that he wanted to lose more and more, it was somehow a evil game for him. 

The Machinist 

It does bother me that The Machinist is far more famous because of the controversy of the weight and diet of Christian Bale than for any other aspect of it. 

The Machinist seems to pay homage to the films of Alfred Hitchcock and even another legendary Robert De Niro´s performance and movie Taxi Driver. Even though it starts in an interesting way it soon becomes an ugly disappointing experience. 

Diet of Christian Bale The Maquinist

The character of Christian Bale on The Machinist falls badly in a psychological game, he works in a factory, he has a lot of dreams and the intention of the film is to deceive you. Nonetheless, all the tricks were a failure, The Machinist did not make any success at the box office being snubbed by all major Cinema Awards.

 It is much more famous because of Christian Bale´s performance rather than its quality or the plot, consequently, it is not very recommendable. It is interesting to have such a dangerous diet to star a movie like The Machinist that was an utter failure? What do you think of the diet of Christian Bale?

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