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Coke Studio: Bringing you the Best of Pakistani Music

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Coke studio is an extremely popular music television series featuring songs by various music artists. The initial six seasons were produced by Rohail Hyatt but for the past three years, the popular Pakistani band, Strings is the brain behind its production.

Coke Studio brings you the best of Pakistani music as it showcases the diversity of Pakistani pop, classical, folk and Sufi music. It provides a platform for new bands and young talented voices as well as old classical singers who need no introduction to their name in music industry.

Here are my three personal favorites from Coke Studio Season 9. Though they are in Urdu, my local language but it is said that music knows no boundaries and I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.

Khaki Banda, by Ahmed Jahanzeb and Umair Jaswal

A beautifully crafted Sufi song that will blow your mind away. The poetry is sublime, the music arrangement stunning and the vocals by the lead singers complement each other perfectly. If I could give a song 12 out of 10, it would be Khaki Banda. The song talks about arrogance of man who is mortal and yet walks on earth full of greed, conceit and arrogance.

Paar Chanaa De, by Shilpa Rao & Noori

Another beautiful folk song that narrates a well known love story about Sohni and Mahewal. Sohni goes to meet her beloved Mahiwal and tries to swim across the river but the night is dark and the waves are stormy and she drowns on her way.

Dilruba Na Raazi, by Zeb Bangash & Faakhir Mehmood

A very melodious Pashto song that is sung beautifully accompanied by beautiful musical arrangement. You can listen to these songs with English subtitles that really have done justice to the lyrics and poetry. 

I hope you enjoy Coke Studio Season 9, bringing you the best of Pakistani music!

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