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Movie Review: Without a Clue (1988)

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If you are fan of Sherlock Holmes… whether he solves difficult crimes in books , TV series or movies…then you will definitely enjoy the movie, “Without A Clue.”


It is extremely hilarious and works on the premise that it is actually Dr. John Watson and not Sherlock Holmes who is the super sleuth.


Ben Kingsley as Dr. Watson and Michael Caine as his side-kick Reginald Kincaid (an actor who actually plays the part of Sherlock Holmes so that Dr. Watson can solve crimes undetected) complement each other perfectly.

The best thing is that in the movie there is the housekeeper Mrs. Hudson, the jealous Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard and evil Professor Moriarty who all stay very true to their roles.


There are enough twists and turns to make it a good mystery movie and enough comedy to keep the viewers laughing all through it. This is one of Michael Caine’s funniest performances


It was lovely to see the Victorian London in the movie with gas lamps, warehouses, street boys, horse cabs, and the only thing that is different are the two protagonists. Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine provide plenty of laughs as Michael Caine acting as the super detective Sherlock Holmes has to provide clever answers for his adoring fans without having a clue about the case under investigation.


The ending is very sweet and made me wish there were sequels to the movie. If not for Sherlock Holmes, the movie should be seen for Michael Cane’s acting. He seems to be having a time of his life and plays his role of a drunken, out of work actor who has been hired by Dr. Watson to play Holmes perfectly.


“Without A Clue” is really a gem of a comedy and I thoroughly enjoyed the light-hearted movie!


Director: Thom Eberhardt

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